Why are so many people such lousy drivers?

By Grace Dowling, Give a Little Grace –

Ever since my car accident this past November I’ve started to notice all the things people

do that are illegal while driving.

1) Passing on the right. We were never taught this in drivers training. So why are people

doing it? It is dangerous and also against the law. Thus, there was no need to teach it.

2) Tailgating. This can be extremely dangerous because drivers can’t always stop right

away. I admit that I am one of those people who has done this. I have even gotten flipped off for

it. I had just turned onto a road with limited sight vision because of a hill. When I pulled out, a

car came rushing up behind me and passed in a no-passing zone. After passing me the driver was

going really slow so I tailgated. I guess I deserved to get flipped off.

3) Texting and driving. I’m sure many have heard the horror stories of accidents

occurring while people were doing this. Some of us have seen that “Stop texts, Stop wrecks”

billboard on Holton Road.

When I was in high school a simulator for texting and driving was brought to the school.

Students sat at the wheel of the car and a phone sent questions to them to answer while they were

driving. It was super hard and most people crashed. I don’t know if people made the connection,

because I see a lot of young drivers texting while driving.

4) Speeding. Yes, 70 mph in a 55 mph zone is considered excessive. So is doing 45 in a

25 mph zone. Most likely we’ve all done it at some point. Whether or not it was by accident

doesn’t really matter. Where are people really going in such a hurry? Will they continue to do it

when the weather is bad? Are we still going to try to set speed records just to save a few

minutes? I hope not.

5) Not wearing seatbelts. A study on the top 10 disobeyed driving laws shows that – no

surprises here – not wearing seatbelts was number one. We all know that seatbelts save lives, but

how many of us admit that sometimes we just don’t want to bother?

Yet every year 15,000 lives are saved by seatbelts. More than half the people killed in car

crashes are not restrained at the time of the crash.

The good news is that seat belt use is on the rise due to laws, education and technology,

and nearly 85 percent of drivers are using seatbelts. The bad news is that usage is the lowest for

younger drivers. That’s us.

Do we still think we’re invincible?

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