This year has been one for the books

By Alec Batchelder, Smart Talks –

What an interesting school year this has been! This was the most fun I’ve had in two

semesters here at MCC!

Where do I even begin?

This year I decided to take a couple classes that I feel would help me in the real job

world, so I signed up for journalism and practical radio. Not only did I need them to graduate,

but they seemed like they would be interesting classes and ones that I would enjoy.

Now when I first entered college I had to take all those required classes like math,

biology, history and I took on more than I could handle. I was never the best studying or the best

at remembering to do my homework, but I survived, for the most part.

I got thinking about the degree I wanted to get and looked more into classes I could

take here at MCC and not pay more for them at a four -year college. That was the best decision I

made as I have been loving the classes I’ve been taking this school year.

Granted, it was a little difficult at first to remember certain ways to write an article for

the Bay Window and to remember the several types of microphones to use in a radio studio, but

it was a fun challenge.

On the flip side, I got to write my own opinion/feature articles on anything I wanted

and I learned how to make a ribbon microphone with a gum wrapper, so not all was lost.

(Editor’s Note: He also won a statewide first place award for his Bay Window column about

fantasy football.)

My favorite class this year was definitely my practical radio class. I have had an

absolute blast!

Being able to produce my own radio show has been so much fun. At first I had no idea

what I was doing. I knew a little bit about how to work the software that sends out the signal to

the website to stream it, but it was a learning curve for me.

Not only that, but I had bring the music I wanted to play on the radio. It was not

necessarily a terrible thing but I had limited songs since I had just gotten a new computer so I did

not have all the music on it.

After a few weeks, the software got easier to use, I got better at thinking about what to

say, and I even got a guest star on the show to talk about his upcoming musical he’s working on.

He showed me a trick that there was a cord in the radio room where I could plug it into

the board and I could plug my phone into it a play music that was on my phone! It was a life


Part of what I liked as well was that I could produce a show based around the music

that I listen to daily.

I am more of a pop music kind of guy and it was great since I did not play the same

song repeatedly like we hear on any other station.

While I did play the same artist a couple times during the show, I played a different

song so it really wasn’t like I was playing the same thing. The show was fun to produce since

everything about it was about things that I like. We’ve always been told “do what you love.”

That’s what this past year has been like for me – doing what I love.

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