Trump’s no Christian; he’s not even moral

By Amy Huber, Off the Wall –

Amy ColheadMost everyone has an opinion of Trump. I personally am not a fan, but many seem to

have fallen under his spell last November.

When he was running for office, he figured out he could pull more votes if he appealed to


Now I’m a Christian, and matter of fact, so much so that I have memorized the Ten


But much of what he did and continues to do shows that not only is he not Christian, he’s

not even moral.

Wouldn’t it seem that if he is such a devout Christian he would honor the Ten

Commandments, specifically for the Ninth, that reads, “Thouse shall no bear false witness.” In

other words, don’t like.

During his campaign he changed the wording to various statements more often than some

people change their underwear. Kellyanne Conway, his campaign manager and now

spokesperson, actually had the balls to use the term “alternative facts” for these bold-faced lies.

Press secretary Sean Spicer also has to regularly explain what Trump means, as in the

now-famous statement: “Because a wiretapping is, you know, today it is different than wire


His behavior has not changed since the election, such as the non-incident in Sweden in

which he claimed an attack took place. Like we can’t check those facts. Plenty of people spend

hours and hours doing just that for literally everything he says. The folks in Sweden were

justifiably outraged by this.

Congratulations to Trump for making us the laughingstock of the world.

Then he blamed the travel ban on a computer outage at Delta Airlines. Seriously, because

we couldn’t investigate those facts either?

Next we have his deception about increasing crime rate. According to him, the U.S. is

experiencing the highest murder rate in 45 years, with Philadelphia and Chicago (Obama’s

former residence) in particular being filled with crime sprees. This is news to everyone who

tracks the statistics.

Must be he’s using that common core math we all find useless, because in real

mathematics, this just isn’t happening. In 1972 the murder rate in Philly was about 450; for

2012, the latest year that figures are available, it was 250.

What about bowing out of the meeting with the president of Mexico? Oh wait. The

president of Mexico actually canceled that meeting because he was angry about Delta’s… um

Trump’s… travel ban.

Then there was the inaccuracy he spewed about two people being shot during Obama’s

farewell speech. When cornered in that lie he alternated his facts to the people being shot in

Chicago (it is a a high crime city, so maybe he thought he might hit pay-dirt with that lie).

Unfortunately for Trump, nobody was killed that night in Chicago. My guess is it actually

happened in either Sweden or Philly, as those are high crime areas.

Then we have the one about the thousands of people being bused across state lines to vote

illegally. I’m not certain which is worse, the fact that it is blatantly ludicrous or the fact that so

many of his supporters believed him.

Oh, then there’s the falsehood about the inauguration crowd. Trump claimed his was the

biggest ever. The sad part is he lied to the CIA about this. I’m guessing he doesn’t realize the “I”

part stands for intelligence. Actually, by counting the protestors it may well have been the

biggest crowd in history.

Next there’s the line about his having the most electoral votes since Ronald Reagan.

False. While Trump got 304, but that doesn’t matter much anyway, since every president since

Reagan got more electoral vote except for George W. Bush. Raegan had 489 and 525, George

H.W. Bush had 426, Clinton 379 and 370. Even the man he seems to hate the most in the world,

Barak Obama, received 365 votes. So, yes, he’s been beaten out by pretty much everyone in the

past 35 years.

He continues to lie that Obama wiretapped the Trump Tower, despite literally everybody

saying, “No he didn’t.”

I could go on and on, but I think I’ve made my point.

Back to the Christian thing. There’s that little matter of the Seventh Commandment,

“Thou shall not commit adultery.”

Let’s see, he cheated on wife #1 Ivana with Marla, and wife #2 Marla with Melania, who

became wife #3.

Would anyone care to place bets on who he’s going to cheat on Melania with? Possibly

Pence’s wife?

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