Enough about Ivanka; let’s get back to reporting news

By Abigail-Lauren Meredith, Bird’s-Eye View –

Abby ColheadA recent news story focused on the Nordstrom department store dropping Ivanka

Trump’s clothing line and that other major stores are following suit.

Why is this important? Because it has begun a national discussion on whether President

Trump’s business ties and agendas will impede his ability to be an effective leader of the U.S.

The public and media had this concern after Trump tweeted against Nordstrom for

dropping his daughter’s line.

If he had never tweeted or commented on it, there would not be such cause for concern.

Trump and his administration claim that Nordstrom made the decision based on a political

agenda and not due to sales, as the company claims.

So, here’s my take. Nordstrom could have decided to quietly and gradually phase out her

clothing line if the reason was a decline in sales. Instead, they chose to make it public which does

make it more a political decision than a business one.

This is not the first time a clothing line has been stopped in a store, but it is the first time

that it has sparked a national political discussion.

It is hard to separate Ivanka from her father, especially because of their close business

ties, but the point of the matter is that dropping her line did nothing more than dilute the news

and cause a political uproar that has distracted from the real issues.

Many are concerned that Trump’s business ties will negatively impact the country, but by

droppig Ivanka’s line, for political reasons or not, the issue was still not addressed.

The news media are not steering toward looking at Trump’s business deals; they are

debating whether Nordstrom was right to drop Ivanka’s line and if it was an effective way to hurt

the president.

Judge Jeanine Pirro interviewed analyst Cathy Arell on Fox News and Arell made the

claim that Ivanka was selling a pink dress she wore at the RNC by wearing it.

Ivanka was not selling a dress simply by wearing it. And why shouldn’t she wear a dress

she designed? Why should she be ashamed of wearing her own clothing line? And why is

everything a political statement?

There is a legitimate concern for President Trump’s previous business ties and how that

may play out in his presidency.

But that isn’t what the discussion is about anymore. Instead, it has digressed into

discussing, for hours on end, Ivanka’s clothing line and politicizing every single decision, word,

and even dress.

There was another uproar when Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president,

encouraged people to go buy Ivanka’s clothes. Conway hurt the administration when she said

this and further proved the point that we have gotten way off the rails of what needs to be

discussed in this country.

The news has become diluted and instead of dealing with the direct issue, such as

investigating Trump’s previous business ties, it has become fixated on Ivanka.

When the Ivanka story stops being broadcasted, we can get back to reporting on more

important and pressing matters.

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