By age 5, our self-esteem is already developed

By Levi Spring, Fresh Take –

Levi ColheadSelf-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth, self-acceptance, and self-awareness. They’re all

interdependent pieces of a puzzle. When orchestrated the correct way, they form the fully

functioning human conscious and subconscious.

We tend to have a skewed outlook on ourselves. Since we cannot existentially view

ourselves in a non-tarnished way, our personal reflections will surely be biased. Keeping these

ideas in mind is key to understanding ourselves and the roles we play in the workplace, society,

our families, and even in our friendships. If an ego goes unchecked, the output is both

unwarranted and negligent. To say that one’s self-worth is less than that of another’s does not

make it reality, for that is merely a perception. People who live their lives based on their

perceptions are living in a reality that they have created solely for themselves.

In 2015 a study was done to find what age we develop our self-esteem, and whether it is

developed naturally as a positive or negative self-outlook. The findings analyzed in The

Washington Post were utterly shocking. Children develop self-esteem by age five, much earlier

than previously thought, and new research suggests that children gain either a positive or

negative view of themselves before they begin formal schooling. The researchers found that self-

esteem at age 5 is as strong as it is in adults.

So by the age of 5, we already know who and what we are, maybe even knowing more at

that age than we do in adulthood. It’s not that we are smarter or more aware when we are

younger. We are now less challenged and haven’t had to experience so many adverse realities.

Having all this in mind we should remember that the way we view ourselves and the way

we think others view us is a fundamental part of being human. This principle separates us from

the wild beasts and animals, for we know what we do while we do it, and we know our moral

code and whether or not we are testing it.

We should not be leery of self-reflection, but take pride and joy from it because the

things we’ll find in it are what make each of us unique. Different is not bad; it is simply

different. The more open-minded and observant we are, the more we’ll see ourselves change

because of it. We all walk through life wasting precious moments due to our self-esteem worries

and anxiety, but we need not fear any longer. Now we live in the age of the selfie, and each selfie

is just as important as the next.

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