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By Noah Genson, On My Mind –

noah-colheadThis election has been the heartbeat of almost every news station across the country.

Some is about Hillary’s emails, the Clinton foundations “pay to play” scandal, or Bill’s sexual

assault history. Or if it’s Trumps constant lying, his own sexual assaults, how rude he can be,

how little knowledge he has to run a country, whatever it may be, the country is talking about.

The main demographic that each candidate has to work hard to get are the so called

“millennials”. This is roughly in the age range of 18-29.

There is a preconceived notion that us millennials get our news solely from the internet

like Facebook and Twitter. It turns out though that 50% of American’s up to the age of 50 get

their news solely from these websites, according to a study done by

Now why is this? Well, something I have noticed is that people want to see what they

think is right. So if a not so reliable news site releases a story about how terrible of a president

Hillary or Trump will be, a lot of people will see that article and love it without doing any fact

checking whatsoever.

A great example of this was that after the debate a conservative website released an

article claiming there were six glaring lies that Hillary told on stage. After reading the article

myself, I wanted to check and see if these things were actually true.

And guess what I found?

The fact checking done for the article wasn’t even good fact checking. I was able to go to

over ten different websites and debunk four of the six fact checks they did.

Now how can a website get away with something like this? Well because a lot of the

time these websites aren’t even reliable like a Fox News or MSNBC would be. A lot of the time

it’s just bloggers putting information out there to tarnish a candidate.

You might be able to tell who I favor in this election just by reading this article. But it

happens for every candidate, no matter if you support them or not.

I hope to encourage you, whenever you read an article, to try and find other sources

backing up the claims being made in the article you had just read.

So many sites out there try and sway you in one direction or the other. The only way

you can make sure you are getting the right information is by doing research on your own, and

not believing everything your aunt or uncle share on Facebook.

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