Christmas trees, candy, garland… but why does it start so soon, like October?

By Alec Batchelder, Smart Talks –

alec-colheadChristmas Trees, candy, garland, ahh the joys of working in retail!

It is always this time of year when we start to see everything Christmas pop up

everywhere around us. Stores are putting up displays of Christmas trees, decorations, and fake

snow. All to get you into the holiday spirit.

I actually love this time of year. It fun to see all the merchandise come into the store in

boxes that say “trim-a- tree” and I know it is for the seasonal area at work. Then the general

merchandise team starts to get the merchandise up and it is such a sight to see.

As much as I love when we receive all the Christmas stuff in the store, it makes me

wonder why it starts so early. Where I work, it does not really go full on Christmas until the day

after Halloween. However, not every store is like that.

It was two years ago when I needed to go into Kohl’s to buy something. I do not recall

what it was for but upon arriving in there was Christmas trees, garland, the whole store decorated

for Christmas…. It was the last week in October, one week until Halloween! Not only that, when

I went to check out even the cashier told me “I know it’s still early but do you need a gift receipt

for this?”

I want to get through Halloween first before I even think about Christmas. After I wear

my costume and eat my candy, and wake up on November 1 st , then I can think about Christmas.

Not only is Christmas creeping up earlier and earlier every year, so is Black Friday. That

one “holiday” is getting way to out of control. It is called black FRIDAY for a reason, for store

to have amazing deals the day after Thanksgiving.

I was very interested in reading that Mall of America was going to be closed on

Thanksgiving this year. Considering how much people want to shop and with the times inching

closer onto Thanksgiving, I was pleasantly surprised. Macy’s on the other hand is going to be

open at 5pm on Thanksgiving Day. An hour earlier than years previously!

I remember my first Black Friday. I went to Target and they did not open until midnight

Friday morning. I had to wait in a line that wrapped completely around the building. It was not

bad. I had come for a good deal on an Xbox 360. I was able to find the stack of them and buy

them. My sister and I proceeded to go to Sears to get my dad some tools since the Mall opened at

4am we decided to head there after Target and got what we needed.

Now I do not see the hype in going to the store at 5pm or 6pm on Thanksgiving and

calling it “Black Friday”. It’s still Thursday.

Where have the joys of Christmas gone? Everything is being shoved down our throats so

fast; we do not get to enjoy the wonders that is the holiday season.

Getting to enjoy the holidays is something I look forward to every year. Getting to see

family, I have not seen all year, driving down the streets at night looking at holiday displays,

sitting inside our cozy house watching holiday movies on the Hallmark Channel. It is all worth it

in the end to me.

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