Really now. Pumpkin spice Cheerios? Yup.

By Jordan Rutz, Say What? –

‘Tis the season. Pumpkin spice is here.

September is upon us and that means pumpkin spice everything. Whether you love it or

hate it, the flavoring is everywhere right now.

Over the past few years pumpkin spice has become a staple for the Fall season, and

people are obsessed with it. September marks the first day pumpkin spice is available and re-

introduced back to many favorite drinks. The most notable fast food chain to introduce pumpkin

spice back every fall is Starbucks. Starbucks most famously brings back their Pumpkin Spice

Latte every fall, and people go crazy for it. Basically if people aren’t drinking one, they are not

worthy enough to be around people who are drinking it. At least that is what many people think.

Like me, though, I don’t really care for it and never have. I am not against people who do

enjoy it, it is a wonderful flavor, but I’m just not jumping out of bed the first day of September

and speeding to Starbucks to get it.

This pumpkin spice fad has become so popular that is now not only available in drinks

but is now being incorporated into many foods as well.

My favorite one has to be pumpkin spice Cheerios. I know I said I wasn’t that joyful over

pumpkin spice latte’s but when I saw these Cheerios I was on a mission to find them and

consumed the entire box in one sitting, which I may or may not have done.

The whole pumpkin spice phenomenon and the way people go crazy over it has become

so well-known, businesses are even getting a little humor out of it. I saw online that a tire

company are now trying to promote selling their tires by making their signs say, “It’s back!

Pumpkin spice rubber,” which I find humorous. Ok, so they might not be actually trying to

promote selling their tires but having such business incorporate this pop culture craz into

company may just make more people come in and check out what they have. Who would have

thought pumpkin spice could upsell tires. That just shows the power of the spice!

I do enjoy when pumpkin spice everything comes out because it reminds me that fall is

coming, and nothing is better than the leaves changing, apple orchards, hot (pumpkin spice)

cider, and bonfires.

Therefore, I do give thanks to pumpkin spice for setting the mood and enabling me to get

all of my flannel shirts out of storage.

With so many companies jumping on the pumpkin bandwagon who knows what other

crazy ideas they will try to add the flavor to. Pumpkin spice birthday cake? Pumpkin spice milk?

Hmm doesn’t sound too appealing, but hey, the Cheerios were a hit, for me at least, so who


Weather anybody’s been convinced to try any of the weird pumpkin spice flavored foods

or are still content on staying as far away as possible don’t worry, there are plenty more pumpkin

spice flavored seasons to come, and no shortage of it anytime soon.

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