Kanye West: A living legend for this die-hard fan

By Levi Spring, Fresh Take –

A thick fog unfolds in front of my eyes as I walk into the main auditorium of the Van

Andel arena in downtown Grand Rapids. People begin pouring into their seats and excitement

flushes through the building as water rolls down my fingers from the cold beer in hand, Kanye is

in town.

Kanye West, the DJ, the rapper, the one and only. “Yeezus” is preparing to float out on

stage in front of thousands of screaming fans. The variety of people I witnessed attend the event

on recently in Grand Rapids should be the definition of variety. I saw plenty of old-heads (old

hip-hop fans), men with beards (including my own), teenagers running about, and I even saw a

mother with her two daughters walking into the concert. The fashion statements from the

attendees were also unique… Armani tuxedos to pajamas with flip-flops, and everything in


Grand Rapids has also been hosting the infamous Art Prize throughout downtown Grand

Rapids over the past couple weeks, so people attending the concert that arrived early enough to

tour the art projects, which are scattered throughout the city, were in for quite the night. All in

all, it was a beautiful, interesting, and enjoyable evening for citizens and concert-goers alike.

Kanye was an hour late to start the show, but for true Kanye fans, this was nothing new.

When the lights did finally kick off, the intense roar of the crowd showed their excitement and

anticipation expelled. Kanye was finally here, it was really happening, and as promised, it was


What else would Kanye open the show with, but a floating stage! It was an intriguing part

of the immaculate production for the show, Kanye strapped into a harness, tied to the stage,

floating over thousands of people in the audience. It truly was something that I, nor anyone else

in that room, had ever experienced before, “Yeezus” showed us the way. Lights underneath the

floating stage illuminated those in the crowd who were close beneath. They were jumping,

shouting, sweating, and crying tears of joy. Kanye performed a range of songs that stretched

from the early 2000s to current, as well as performing some unreleased demos.

The surprising part was when Kanye said, “Thank you.” He told the crowd he was

blessed to share that night and those moments in Grand Rapids with us. No rants, no cussing

anyone out, no call for revolution, just a simple “thank you” and he was on his way.

The lighting during the entirety of the performance never fully revealed Kanye’s face,

this I believe, was done on purpose. Kanye is not a normal human who stands under normal

lighting and does normal things; he is much more than that. He is man who lives before his time,

a prophet among men, a genius among pupils, a musician among rappers, an icon among people,

and a living legend to me.

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