MCC students donate blood

By Mike Miller, Staff Writer –

The first of three blood drives pitting MCC against Baker College ended for MCC last week, but the winner of the traveling trophy won’t be known until next week when the Baker event is held.

MCC has lost to Baker just one year in the history of the drive.

The goal is to collect at least 45 units of blood during each drive. According to the Red Cross, for each donation of one pint, donors can save up to three lives. That means that in the fifteen years that MCC has gone head to head against Baker, MCC students have given enough blood to give the gift of life back to more than 1,800 people

During blood drives, students, faculty, alumni and community members can walk in to make an appointment at any time during the day.

Students who wish to donate may also sign up to make sure the donation works around their classes by making an appointment.

Giving blood takes only twenty minutes on average. Plus, students get free food afterward! To be eligible to donate, students must be at least 110 pounds and at least 17 year old in good health.

Volunteer opportunities are available to hand out the free food and drink, which are provided for donors by the Red Cross. All of the equipment used for the drive must be unloaded in the morning, and then reloaded into the truck after the drive.


Featured Image: Becca Jenson was one of several MCC students who donated blood during the recent blood drive held on campus. The winner of the Baker vs. MCC competition will be announced next week. – Photo by Abbie-Lauren Meredith.

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