Defamation: The Play to be presented Sept. 20 as part of justice series

By Amy Huber, Editor –

Riveting courtroom drama, a jury, and audience participation are all parts of

“…And Justice for All” series upcoming presentation Defamation: The Play, at 6 p.m.

Sept. 20 at MCC’s Overbrook Theater. This event is FREE to MCC faculty, and students,

as well as community members who are welcome and encouraged to attend as well as


This play is important for many reasons. It discusses race, religion, class, gender

equality and law, but with an added twist. The audience is actually the jury, so this is

truly an interactive play in all aspects of the word.

This compelling courtroom drama takes the audience through a defamation trial,

complete with jury. The storyline is about an African-American woman who was

accused by her male Jewish boss of stealing an heirloom watch. She in turn sues her real

estate developer boss for defamation.

This 70-minute trial decides whether she was falsely accused, which caused her

financial harm. There will be a 15 minute audience deliberation led by the judge to follow

the trial. The audience will be polled twice, before the deliberation, and afterwards. The

final vote will decide the outcome of the trial.

“Whether we like it or not, we still have major divides in this country. Most of us

still go to bed at night in cities, communities and neighborhoods that are segregated by

race, religion, ethnicity and/or class. I wanted to write a play that encourages open,

honest conversation that leads to greater understanding and empathy to combat today’s

prevailing trends.” Said Todd Logan, play-wright.

This play has been performed over 160 times so far, to over 30,000 people, since

it’s premiere in Evanston, Ill. November 10, 2010.

Dr. John Solomon, vice president of student services and administration at

M.C.C., will discuss upcoming events in the “And Justice for All” series.

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