Things I wish I had known as a freshman

leviBy Levi Spring, Staff Writer –

I must confess that after five semesters at MCC, there are some things I wish I had known

as a freshman in college. Perhaps my experience will help some other students in their journey.

Homework > Fantasy Football

Okay, l know how nice Netflix and chill sounds, but re-watching every episode of The

Office can wait. I am sure of it. When I first began my college experience in 2011, I was not

always focused on the academic tasks at hand. In short, I won my fantasy football league and

then flunked out of college. Learn from my mistakes and keep in mind that as the semester

methodically and mathematically moves along, just stay focused.

Homework can seem tedious and repulsive at times, and even difficult, but it is still

necessary. So is studying. This is not some cliché poster hanging in the hallway, or your mom

and dad telling you once again to buckle down and study. This is a hand-drafted letter to you

from a caring peer. Take heed. We all know that sometimes academics can be less exciting than,

well everything else, but if we want a degree then we must make college a priority.

“Perception is everything, but it is not reality”

A former professor I had used to say this to our class. I wish I truly had understood the

deeper meaning behind it during my freshman year. Just because we perceive or want something

to be true, does not necessarily make it so. I thought as a freshman that I could get away with not

doing every homework assignment, skipping a class two or three times, and not reading all of the

articles the professors recommended for studying. Wrong.

Just because we think we can do these things and keep good grades doesn’t make it true. I

thought I could handle having a larger social life than I already had and also pass my classes.

Wrong again.

So it is up to each of us to dig in and analyze the ways we are truly spending our time.

We can't just believe that we are doing well in class. We need to make sure our professors have

the same view!

Sleep is not overrated

This may be the most important of all. I know staying healthy sounds easy, but it is not

always as simple as it sounds. Keeping a strong heart, mind, and body means that we have to

exercise them as well as treating them right. Getting enough sleep and making sure we keep our

diet sufficient and nutritious can be difficult. Showing up to class hungry, stressed, and tired is

going to result in nothing positive.

I wish that during my freshman year I had slept better and fed myself more regularly and

healthy. College can seem complex, but if we prepare ourselves in the right ways, then we will

be more likely to succeed.

So cut out the unimportant distractions, realize what the professors want us to see, and

keep ourselves in mental, spiritual, and physical health.

Don’t be a freshman, freshmen. Be successful.

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