MCC’s Unusual room numbers: Think top down

While it may seem difficult at first to maneuver, MCC’s room numbers actually do have a system

to them.

Designed by architect Alden B. Dow, the floors are numbered down instead of up.

As you enter the main building, the rooms are numbered in the 100’s, with even-numbered down

instead of up.

Confusing? Yes, at first. Literally everybody gets lost the first week of school. Some are still

getting lost well into the semester.

Stairs or elevators will take you DOWN one level to rooms numbered in the 200’s. After you

descend one more floor, to the bottom level, the rooms will be numbered in the 300’s.

The College Success Center and the cashier’s office are numbered in the 400’s.

The rooms in the technology building are numbered in the 500’s.

Any room with a four-digit number is located in the Stevenson Center for Higher Education. The

numbering strategy is similar to the main complex with rooms on the top level numbered in the 1100’s,

second-floor rooms in the 1200’s, and the third level (bottom) numbered numbered in the 1300’s.

The main entrance to the Stevenson Center is accessed more easily via the back parknig lot

(second entrance off Quarterline).

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