Helpful words can go a long way in figuring out life’s complications

By Olivia Mock, Freedom Writer –


(Editor’s Note: This is Olivia’s last column for The Bay Window. She is transferring next

fall to a four-year college. She began writing for The Bay Window this semester, and has written

columns on white lies, addiction, and overly strict parenting. She also has written feature

articles on an MCC plan and the current exhibit at Overbrook Art Gallery.)


In the younger years, everything is new and complicated. Sometimes a helpful word can

go a long way.

Here are some thing I have learned over the years:

* Learn to be okay alone. This is the first key step to leaning how to be truly happy no

matter what's going on in life. If we can be happy alone we can do anything!

* Try out new styles. Hair or clothes, this is the time to do it! Be surprised by what works

well and doesn't. Try new things and if they don’t work out then just don’t do them again.

* Open up to new ideas. Do something uncomfortable to step out of the box. It's a great

way to end up in places so very unpredictable.

* Show others they're wrong about us. It's a great confidence booster to know something

we once thought to be mpossible is indeed possible and it decreases the need to prove it to


* Take a class just because it sounds fun. Who knows, maybe it'll turn into a new

unanticipated major. Regardless it makes for well-rounded knowledge.

* Being wrong isn't a bad thing! Just means the right things are being learned. Sometimes

being wrong can lead to even greater successes then ever anticipated. J.K. Rowling once said, “It

is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as

well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.”

* Stop following the word of everyone else. Personal experiences are the most effective

way to grow.

* Be young and crazy! Go skinny dipping. Get a tattoo and don’t tell anyone. Pull an all-

nighter while it’s still possible. Do the things that won’t always be possible before life gets in the

way. Don’t worry about regret. Just embrace the time of being young and crazy

* If ever provided a chance, go to a third world country. It is not nearly as scary and

dangerous as everyone tries to make it out to be. It will be a life-changing experience and will

expand appreciation for everything life has to offer.

* GO HARD OR GO HOME. There’s no point in doing anything if it’s not going to be

done whole-heartedly. Dive into every obstacle head over heels.

* It’s better to save and splurge on the things that are most important and worthwhile

rather than trying to get as much as possible for the price. Quality over quantity. Get rid of the


* If someone steals from us, we need to try to let it go. If they’re willing to do that they

probably need it more.

* Death could hit anyone at any time any day, so don’t wait to follow those dreams.

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