Tuition going up 3%, other fees increase

By Amy Huber, Editor –

An approximate 3 percent increase in tuition will take effect for MCC students this fall.

The new cost will be $102 per credit hour, up from $99.

Out-of- county students will pay $190 per credit hour, an increase from $184, and out-of-

state students will pay $265 per credit hour, up from $256.

In addition, the infrastructure fee will increase to $8 per credit hour and the technology

fee will be $22.

Tuition per semester for an in-county students taking 12 credits will be $1,224, plus fees

of $96 for infrastructure fee and $22 for technology fee. The total cost of enrolling for 12 credits

will be $1,342. Last year tuition and fees for the same number of credits were $1,268.

“Tuition and fee rates are driven by a number of factors,” said President Dale Nesbary,

“including employee insurance and compensation and program/facility operations costs.”

The tuition increase will generate an estimated $410,000 in 2017, bringing total tuition

revenue to $17.1 million.

In addition, all students will see a slight increase with the infrastructure fee now at $8 per

contact hour. Last year it was $5. A $2 increase in the technology fee (up from $20) is also one

of the planned increases. These fee increases will bring in an additional $447,000 in revenue.

“The primary reasons for increases this year are a 12 percent increase in insurance costs

to the college,” Nesbary said, “and additional faculty and staff needed to support new allied

health programs, particularly our medical assistant program.”

Previously, state aid accounted for a larger portion of the college's revenues, and in the

past tuition picked up the slack. Tuition accounts for 38 percent of the budget, property taxes and

state aid each contribute about 20 percent.

Over the last five years, MCC has increased tuition in slow increments. Over time it has

risen 25 percent for in-county, and 33 percent for out-of- county students.


Featured Image: Jager White checks out classes for fall semester. Registration begins this week for currently enrolled students. MCC photo.

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