Gaming Club provides a place to relax, meet like-minded students

By Gary Simmons, Staff Writer –

On a typical Friday night, anyone walking by Room 1214 in the Stevenson Center may hear the

sound of explosions, gunfights, or even see a blue hedgehog zoom by. No worry — it's just the members

of the gaming club indulging in their weekly activities.

With its laid back atmosphere, Gaming Club is not the usual campus activity. At that time and

place, members are transformed into another world, if only for a few brief hours.

“Gaming Club is basically just coming here to relax, play good games, and to meet like-minded

people,” said Lori Hazelton, club president. “We provide a good, safe environment for students.”

Video games are not the members' only activity. Some bring classic board and card games, others

watch DVDs, while others use laptop computers for social media or watching YouTube videos.

The organization is set up as an informal social activity where application of "brief" can run from

an hour to many more than that.

From retro classics, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, to popular modern games such as Super Smash

Brothers and Mario Cart, students like to mix it up and laugh and compete.

The club also hosts themed activities. The most recent one was a Halloween party complete with

horror movies, a costume contest, and of course, scary video games.

Hazeleton plans on extending Gaming Club into the summer months so that those attending

classes can still take part in this activity. Summer gaming club has been one of the most requested

additions because of the lack of social activities on campus during that time. It is also a popular option for

those who are not taking summer classes, but still want to engage in an activity with other MCC students.

Plans are in the works for tournaments, where everyone is welcome to participate. These events

hope to promote the Gaming Club to those who are not familiar with it.

“Everyone likes gaming in some way, shape, or form,” said Hazleton.

Gaming Club has crossover appeal to non gamers.

The club has also attracted members from similar clubs, such as the anime and Asian culture

clubs due to their similar interests.

The club meets Wednesdays and Fridays starting at noon and continuing until 9 p.m. Interested

students may participate at any time during those hours on a drop-in basis.


Featured Image: Lori Hazelton, MCC gaming Club president, participates in a RPG (role-playing game) during the club’s weekly meeting. – Photo by Gary Simmons

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