For workouts, studying, or just listening: Consider these obscure but great-sounding artists & albums

By Zachary Thomas, What’s the Buzz? –

Homework oftentimes can be a tedious chore. But with the right music, anyone can get

through it. Here are some awesome tunes and artists that will jazz up studying.

California nights1. California Nights by Best Coast – Their single, “California Nights” on their album

named equivalently, inspires a dreamy like atmosphere. Their fresh tunes give one the feeling

they’re on a beach with friends. Best Coast are in the indie genre, but don’t consider that a

hindrance. They have some of the best jamming songs I’ve heard. A few tunes with them, and

homework magically does itself in no time.

Alpine2. Alpine – They’re an Australian pop band that keeps turning out great tunes. They only

have a few albums, but each one is pretty awesome. All of their songs have an upbeat feel that

keeps the energy flowing when it previously was nonexistent! They are great for finishing up

that essay that should have been done 5 days ago. Some of their greatest singles are: Gasoline,

Foolish, and Damn Baby. Check out their music videos on YouTube as well. This will produce

an exhilarating experience.

worlds3. Porter Robinson – He has some awesome tunes that are great for doing workouts,

homework, and anything else. His latest album is the best though: Worlds. He gives a round

picture as he progresses through his work that gives rise to emotion. It ranges from upbeat

melodies to tunes that will make someone want to run a few miles! He is more in the electronic

scene. He has some of the best songs from the electronic genre I’ve heard. Check out his singles

named: Divinity, Sad Machine, and Sea of voices. They range from upbeat to smooth melodic,

perfect for a late night study session.

Tritonal4. Tritonal – They are a duo DJ team from Austin, Texas. I don’t recommend all of their

music, but there are quite a few tunes from them that are not worth the pass up. They mainly do

remixes of songs, but their turn an ordinary song into gold most of the time. They have quite the

taste when it comes to doing these remixes. Mostly, they have a dance like feel that leaves an

upbeat feeling, which is perfect if someone is feeling down and needs a boost to finish work,

driving, or whatever. Some of their best Remixes are: Now or Never, Until You Were Gone, and

GAMMA GAMMA (Jenaux Remix).

London Grammar5. If You Wait by London Grammar – They’re a trio from the United Kingdom that make

pop/electronic music. Their songs are original and fresh. What more could anyone ask for? Some

of their remixes are truly wonderful. They have more of a melodic tune to their style, so it’s a bit

slower than some of the other bands. They are perfect for the all-nighter. Some of their singles to

check out are: Strong, Hey Now (Arty Remix), and Wasting My Young Years.

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