To Write Love On Her Arms

Faith Troyer
The Bay Window

This Valetine’s day, we all think about ourselves and the ones we want to impress most but what about caring and loving others we don’t know. You may have known students in high school who may have not fit into certain cliques or just weren’t popular enough. This may take a toll on their self-esteem and can go down hill from there. Think about it, we’ve all been through some type of torment in our lives that just brings us to our knees. Whether that’s bullying, a low self-esteem, or family troubles. We’ve all been there in one way or another. Most girls today have depression and self-esteem problems that stem from the world around them, like TV and magazines telling them to be something that they’re not. That’s where “To write love on her arms” comes in, to offer some relief to this epidemic of self-harm and self-hatred. The movement is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to helping young adults find their true selves and raging against such negative things as self-harm. So, remember on the 14th, to help those who may be a little down. Bring the back-up, that could be the best Valentines day gift you could ever give

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