The Next Big Thing?

Courtesy of Samantha Fritz

By: Emily Guiles

Almost every girl in America puts some sort of design on their finger and toe nails. Usually in order to achieve the trending designs and patterns that have become so popular to wear on nails nowadays one would have to spend upwards of 50 dollars getting their nails professionally done at a salon.

DIY Fruit Dips

Photo courtesy of Google images

By: Lauren Mitchell

As the school year draws to a close, the party season begins. Many store bought dips just don’t have the taste to justify the cost. Try these homemade fruit dips at your next picnic or party to wow your guests. They would also be great as a way to sweeten your lunch from home.

Broadcasting as a Career Choice

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

By: Gary Simmons

One of the many courses that Muskegon Community College offers include TV and Video production. MCC’s TV Production class teaches students the skills to properly run a television studio, and one of the things offered in the curriculum include a trip to an actual TV station.