Liam Neeson At It Again

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By: Lauren Mitchell

Run All Night stars Liam Neeson as mob assassin Jimmy Conlon. Jimmy is forced to choose between his boss who has also been his best friend since childhood, and his son whose only mistake was witnessing a murder perpetrated by the boss’s son. Ed Harris plays the mob boss Shawn Maguire and Joel Kinnaman plays Jimmy’s son Mike.

DIY: Lip Balm

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By: Lauren Mitchell

In the wind and cold that Michigan gets in the winter it can be difficult to keep your lips from getting chapped. Lip balm can get expensive and often comes in pretty gross flavors. Making your own is easy, and can be done for almost half the price of the store bought products.

Local Talent: TOXXIC

Photo by: Lauren Mitchell

By: Lauren Mitchell

TOXXIC is a local band that plays mostly biker bars and party gigs. They classify themselves as a “hard rock” party band, in other words they play good time entertainment. The band does, however, play more than just hard rock, they play something for just about everyone. With tunes from Kid Rock, Beastie Boys, Metallica, Charlie Daniel’s Band, Nickelback and Bruno Mars, and even a few of their own, TOXXIC covers almost every genre of music you would expect to hear at a party or bar. They choose their music based on the crowd at the venue.