Tutoring At Its Finest

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What is a Tutor? The actual definition, as stated at Dictionary.com is, “a person employed to instruct another in some branch or branches of learning.” However, a tutor can be much more than a teacher, they can also assist in confidence and self-esteem along with skill building and study habits. Everyone needs help in one of these areas at some point, which is why the Tutoring Center at Muskegon Community College exists.

Heavy Rain Causes Chaos at Muskegon Community College

Photo by Mikala Schopmeyer
Photo by Mikala Schopmeyer

Photo by Mikala Schopmeyer

September 5, 7:43 am Dr. John Selmon sent out an e-mail to all MCC students stating, “Due to the heavy raining in Muskegon County last night, we experienced some flooding damage on campus.”

MCC Sports

2013-2014 girls Cross Country

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2013-14 MCC Wrestlers Finish 9th in Nation

The MCC wrestling team took 9th place finish at the National Junior College Athletics Association (NJCAA) Championships. Freshman Zachary Cooper led the way for the Jayhawks.