Dual Lives: Introducing the Faculty and Staff at MCC

Instructor Thomas Clark
Sarah German
Guest Writer Bay Window

Thomas Clark is a professor, part of the adjunct faculty, at Muskegon Community College. He’s in his fourth year at Muskegon Community College. He teaches voice class, College Singers and Collegiates Choir.

Corrections for the November 24, 2014 Print Issue

In the November 24, 2014 print issue of The Bay Window several items need corrections.
For the article Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder the photos on page two credited to Grand Haven were taken and submitted by Emily Guiles and Eric Rothoff.
Also Nealon Bradly was miss quoted in the question of the month. His actual comment was, “It depends, as long as it is not offensive.”

Question Of The Month: Tattoos In the Workplace

Photo By: Elizabeth Bitner

By: Emily Guiles

This months question revolved around tattoos and their role in a workplace environment. Specifically 15 Muskegon Community College students were asked “How do you feel about tattoos in the workplace?”.