Where to Find the Bay Window in the Digital Age

By: Lauren Mitchell

In today’s world social media guides many students’ choices for news. In an effort to keep up with the times many newspapers and magazines have turned to online journalism in addition to their printed distribution.
The Bay Window is no different from major publications in wanting to ensure that readers can find timely news reports both on and off campus, as well as give information on upcoming events and community issues. In an effort to make it easier for readers to access Bay Window stories and any corrections, the Bay Window has a website. The website can be found at mccbaywindow.com.
Not only do stories get published on the website, but the Bay Window also has a Facebook page found at www.facebook.com/mccbaywindow. A twitter account at https://twitter.com/TheBayWindow, and a Pintrest account at http://www.pinterest.com/thebaywindo0080.
There are several benefits to having the website in addition to the printed paper. Since the printed version of the Bay Window is only published every four weeks, often the stories found on the website or social media accounts will be more current than the stories in the printed version found on stands scattered around the main campus, the Grand Haven campus, and several other locations. Some campus departments will send updated versions of their schedules. These often get put on the website before they can be printed. Another reason to check out the website is that often times several photos are posted with the articles rather than just one since online space is not a concern.

A New Way to Vote

By: Eric Rothoff

What are you doing on November 4th? If you have not filled out an absentee ballot, you should be at the voting booth. This election determines who will be elected to public office for our County, State and Federal governments. Some, like our U.S. Senator, will be in office for the next 6 years. Others such as our County Commissioners and State Representatives will only be there for 2 years. But all of their decisions can affect the price of gas, milk, and your freedoms.

Local Talent: Divine Enterprise


By: Nikoma Henkels

The tallest tree in the world was once a tiny seed in the ground. Great things often have humble beginnings, and the local rap duo Divine Enterprise, consisting of 18 year-old Robert Witham and 17 year-old Alex Divinee, is just starting to make its way in the music world right here in Muskegon.